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fansounds's Journal

FANSOUNDS:: A Jpop/Jrock MP3 Community
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This is a small community where people can come for both J-pop and J-rock MP3 downloads, that are/were uploaded by the FANSOUNDS team! You may also make requests for certain artists and our team will see what they can do to get it for you! We post a range of singles, mini albums and albums from various Jmusic artists, sometimes you'll even fing an MP3 alone to sample them! You'll find J-pop, J-rock, J-punk, J-indie and so much more here!

You will also be able to find reviews of artists from the owner or various members, maybe even a few album reviews! That way you can see how you might like the artist before you download an album or single~! <3

Community Extras: Last.FM Group

Sachi (intoxica) ~ Creator/Maintainer/Uploader
Hateru (korekarasu) ~ Maintainer/Uploader
Cosmo (blooming_cosmo) ~ Designer
Rachael (shadhahvar) ~ Uploader/FST Manager
Michi (lapin) ~ Uploader

1. Do not request more than 5 MP3s a day, also no more than 2 albums in a day. Also look at our tags page to see what has been uploaded before you request~!
2. Also, this is crucial for uploads, to help us keep organized tag your entries with the artists/bands you are posting.
3. The uploader team is allowed to put up fan soundtracks, they do not need to be Jpop/Jrock.
4. Please comment when you are taking an MP3, a zip bundle, a fan soundtrack OR an album, so the team knows.
5. All entries are 'friends only' to prevent leechers, so if you want to be an uploader, your posts are to be 'friends only'.
6. Membership is moderated, so comment here and request to join!
7. If you would like something re-uploaded, comment here with a link to the original post and what you'd like re-upped.
8. If you're already a member and you're having some troubles there are 2 ways to get to our Helpdesk, here (tags) and here (memories)!

- MegaUpload.com
- BigUpload.com
- YouSendIt.com
- FileFront.com
- SendSpace.com
- RapidShare.de
- OpenUpload.com
Some might even be put on personal sites, so please do comment when taking! <3

music_and_more ~ Jpop MP3/Music Community
twisted_tunes ~ German Language Music Community

Contact Sachi if you are interested.

Do not direct link, thank you~! <3